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Surname - Motto - English Translation
Packe - Libertas sub rege pio - Liberty under a pious king
Packwood - None is truly great but he that is truly good - None is truly great but he that is truly good
Page - Honneur pour objet - Honour for object
Pagen - Nec timeo, nec sperno - I neither fear nor despise
Paget - Diciendo y haciendo - Saying and doing
Paget - Per il suop contrario - By its opposite
Paget - Post spinas palma - After difficulties a reward: lit. after thorns the palm
Pagit - Deo pagit - He covenants with God
Pain - Malo mori quam fúdari - I would rather die than be disgraced
Pakenham - Gloria virtutis umbra - Glory is the shadow of virtue, i.e. its constant attendant
Palgrave - Laudans invocabo Dominum - I will call upon the Lord with praise
Palliser - Deo volente - God willing
Palliser - Exemple brave et louable - A brave and praiseworthy example
Palmer - Dolore lenio dolorem - By suffering I alleviate pain
Palmer - In Deo est mihi omnis fides - In God is my whole trust
Palmer - Palma virtuti - The palm to virtue
Palmer - Par sit fortuna labori - Let the success be equal to the labour
Palmer - Pour appendre oublier ne puis - I cannot forget in order to learn
Palmerston - Flecti non frangi - To be bent not to be broken
Palmes - Justus ut palma - The righteous man is as the palm-tree
Palmes - Ut palma justus - The righteous is like the palm
Panmure - Clementia et animis - By clemency and courage
Panton - Semper eadem - Always the same
Papillon - Ditat servata fides - Tried fidelity enriches
Papworth - Kunst, Macht, Kunst - Art, might, art
Par - Faire sans dire - To do without speaking, i.e. Deeds not words
Parbury - Cras mihi - To-morrow for me
Pares - Pares cum paribus - Like to like, i.e. pairs; in allusion to the name
Paris - Hoc age - Do this
Park - Sapienter et pie - Wisely and piously
Parker - Fideli certa merces - To the faithful there is certain reward
Parker - Non fluctu nec flatu movetur - He is not moved by either wave or wind
Parker - Sub libertate quietem - Rest under liberty
Parker - Try - Try
Parker - Veritas vincit - Truth conquers
Parker - Virtutis alimentum honos - Honour is the food of valour
Parkhouse - The cross our stay - The cross our stay
Parkin - Nisi Christus nemo - Christ or no one
Parkyns - Honeste audax - Honourably bold
Parlett - Parlez bien, ou ne parlez rien - Speak well, or do not say anything
Parr - Amour avec loyaulté - Love with loyalty
Parry - Gofal dyn duw ai gwared - God will release man from care
Parry - Nil desperandum - Never despair
Parry - Perseverance - Perseverance
Parry - Tu ne cede malis - Yield not to misfortunes
Parsons - Quid retribuam? - What shall I render?
Pasley - Be sure - Be sure
Paterson - Hinc orior - Hence I rise
Paterson - Pro Deo et grege - For God and the flock
Paterson - Virtute viresco - I flourish by virtue
Paton - Audacia et virtute adepta - Gained by daring and valour
Paton - Virtute adepta - Acquired by virtue
Paton - Virtute viget - He flourishes by virtue
Patriarche - Honor et honestas - Honour and honesty
Patrick - Ora et labora - Pray and labour
Patrick - Study quiet - Study quiet
Patrickson - Mente et manu - With heart and hand
Patridge - Dum spiro spero - While I have breath I hope
Patten - Mal au tour - Misfortune to the tower
Patten - Nulla pallescere culpa - To turn pale from no crime
Pattenson - Finem respice - Consider the end
Patterson - I die for those I love - I die for those I love
Patterson - Tache sans tâche - Strive (to be) without reproach
Pattinson - Ex vile pretiosa - Valuable things out of a base one
Pattison - Hostis honori invidia - Envy is an enemy to honour
Patton - Virtus laudanda - Virtue is praiseworthy
Paul - Vana spes vitú - Worldly hope is vain
Paul - Veritas prúvalebit - Truth shall prevail
Paulet - Aimez loyaulté - Love loyalty
Paulett - Aymez loyaulté - Love loyalty
Paunceforte - Pensez forte - Think firmly
Paver - Faded, but not destroyed - Faded, but not destroyed
Pawson - Favente Deo - By Godís favour
Payne - Be just, and fear not - Be just, and fear not
Payne - Malo mori quam fúdari - I would rather die than be disgraced
Paynter - Carpe diem - Seize the present opportunity
Peachy - Memor et fidelis - Mindful and faithful
Peachy - Ne cuiquam serviat ensis - Let not your sword be the slave of any one
Peacock - Be just, and fear not - Be just, and fear not
Peacock - Nature donum - The gift of nature
Peacocke - Vincit veritas - Truth conquers
Peard - Cui fides fide - Place full confidence in whom you trust
Peareth - Verax et fidelis - True and faithful
Pearse - Cadenti porrigo dextram - I extend my right hand to the falling
Pearse - Vi divinâ - By Divine power
Pearson - Dum spiro spero - While I have breath I hope
Pearson - Perduret probitas - Let honesty endure
Pearson - Rather die than be disloyal - Rather die than be disloyal
Pearson - Sol et scutum Deus - God is our sun and shield
Peat - Amicus certus - A sure friend
Peat - Ardens - Fervent
Peaterson - Pour le roy - For the king
Pechell - Ea nostra voco - I call these things our own
Peckham - Favente Numine - By the favour of Providence
Peckham - Tentanda via est - The way must be tried
Pedder - Je dis la vérité - I tell the truth
Pedlar - Animo, non astutia - By courage, not by craft
Peebles - Contranando incrementum - Prosperity by swimming against the stream
Peel - Industria - By industry
Peirse - Non sine pulvere palma - A reward not without labour
Peit - Amicus certus - A sure friend
Peitere - Pour mon Dieu - For my God
Pellew - Algiers - Algiers
Pellew - Deo adjuvante - With God assisting
Pemberton - Audi alteram partem - Hear the other party
Pemberton - Labore et honore - By industry and honour
Pemberton - Sunt sua prúmia laudi - His rewards are his praise
Pembroke - Ung je serviray - One will I serve
Pendock - Pro prole semper - For my offspring ever
Pendred - Nosce teipsum - Know thyself
Pendrill - Loyal au mort - Loyal to the dead
Penn - Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania
Penn - Dum clarum rectum teneam - May I keep the line of right as well as of glory
Pennant - Æquo animo - With equanimity
Pennefather - I abide my time - I abide my time
Pennington - Vincit amor patriú - The love of my country exceeds everything
Pennycock - Free for a blast - Free for a blast
Pennycock - Ut resurgam - That I may rise again
Pennyman - Fortiter et fideliter - Boldly and faithfully
Penrice - Justus et propositi tenax - Just and firm of purpose
Penrice - Tuto et celeriter - Safely and quickly
Penrose - Rosa sine spina - The rose without a thorn
Penruddocke - Gloria soli Deo - Glory to God alone
Penyston - Victus invicta viget - Unconquered virtue flourishes
Peperell - Peperi - I have brought forth
Peperrell - Fortiter et fideliter - Boldly and faithfully
Peppard - Virtute et valore - By virtue and valour
Pepper - Semper erectus - Always exalted
Pepperell - Virtute parta tuemini - Defend what is acquired by valour
Pepys - Mens cujusque is est quisque - As the mind of each, so is the man
Pepys - Ut mens cujusque is est quisque - As the mind of each, so is each
Perceval - Per se valens - Strong through himself
Perceval - Sub cruce candida - Under the white cross
Perceval - Yvery - Yvery
Percy - Esperance en Dieu - Hope in God
Perkins - Simplex vigilum veri - An honest one of the sentinels of truth
Perkins - Toujours loyale - Always loyal
Perrot - Amo ut invenio - I love as I find
Perrott - Jus suum cuique - To every man his own
Perry - Recte agens confido - While acting uprightly I am confident
Perth - A tout pourvoir - To provide for every thing
Perth - Ab uno ad omnes - From one to all
Perton - Avi numerantur avorum - A long train of ancestry is enumerated
Peru - Renacio el sol del Peru - The sun of Peru has risen again
Peter - Court no friend, dread no foe - Court no friend, dread no foe
Peter - Pour mon Dieu - For my God
Peter - Sans Dieu rien - Without God nothing
Peter - Sub libertate quietem - Rest under liberty
Peter - Turris fortis mihi Deus - God is a strong tower to me
Peter - Virtutis regia merces - Royal is the reward of virtue
Peterkin - Confido in Domino - I trust in the Lord
Peters - Absque Deo nihil - Nothing without God
Peters - Confido - I trust
Peters - Deo adjuvcante non timendum - With God assisting we must not fear
Peters - Dieu pour nous - God for us
Peters - Eíin do and spare not - Eíin do and spare not
Peters - Rien sans Dieu - Nothing without God
Peters - Sit sine labe fides - Let faith be unspotted
Peters - Usque fac et non parcas - Eíen do and spare not
Peters - Verus - True
Peters - Verus ad finem - True to the end
Peterson - Nihil sine Deo - Nothing without God
Peto - Ad finem fidelis - Faithful to the end
Petre - Sans crainte - Without fear
Petre - Sans Dieu rien - Without God nothing
Petree - Fides - Faith
Petree - Spem fortuna alit - Good fortune nourishes hope
Petrie - Fide sed vide - Trust but take care
Pettigrew - Sine sole nihil - Nothing without the sun
Pettiward - Crux Christi lux cúli - The cross of Christ is the light of Heaven
Petty - Toujours pret, or prest - Always ready
Petty - Ut apes geometriam - As bees geometry
Petty - Virtute non verbis - By valour not by boasting
Petyt - Qui síestime petyt deviendra grand - He who thinks himself little shall become great
Peverell - Hinc mihi salus - Hence comes salvation to me
Peyton - Patior, potior - I endure, I enjoy
Phaire - Virtute tutus - By virtue safe
Phelips - Pro aris et focis - For our altars and our homes
Phelps - Toujours pret, or prest - Always ready
Philip II of Spain - Hinc vigilo - Hence I watch
Philipps - Ducit amor patriú - Patriotism leads me
Philipps - Fy nuw a chymru - My God and Wales
Philips - Simplex munditiis - Plain with neatness
Phillimore - Fortem posce animum - Wish for a strong mind
Phillips - Adjuvante Deo - God my helper
Phillips - Animo et fide - By courage and faith
Phillips - Arr dduw y Gyd - All depend on God
Phillips - Auspice Deo extuli mari - God being my leader, I brought him out the sea
Phillips - Erectus, non elatus - Exalted but not elated
Phillips - Flecti non frangi - To be bent not to be broken
Phillips - Mens conscia recti - A mind conscious of rectitude
Phillips - Persevere - Persevere
Phillips - Quid justum non quod utile - What is just, not what is useful
Phillips - Spero meliora - I hope for better things
Phillips-Marshall - Auspice Deo extuli mari - God being my leader, I brought him out the sea
Phillpotts - Semper paratus - Always prepared
Phipps - Virtute quies - Repose through valour
Picairn - Sperabo - I will hope
Pickering - Je gardye bien - I am careful
Pidcock - Seigneur, je te prie garde ma vie - Lord, I beseech thee save my life
Pierre - Vespere et mane - In the evening and the morning
Pierrepont - Pie repone te - Repose with pious confidence
Pigott - Conanti dabitur - It will be given to him who strives
Pigott - Labore et virtute - By industry and virtue
Pigott - Toute foys preste - Always ready
Pigott - Tout foys prest - Always ready
Pigott - Toutes foys preste - Always ready
Pilkington - Honestú gloria fax mentis - Glory the firebrand of the honourable mind
Pilkington - Now thus, now thus - Now thus, now thus
Pilkington - Pylkington Pollendowne - Pilkington or the master polls (mows) downe (meadows)
Pillans - Virtute et robore - By virtue and strength
Pinchard - Tout vient de Dieu - All comes from God
Pindar - Ex fide fortis - Strong though faith
Pine - In tempestate floresco - I flourish in the tempest
Pinkerton - Post nubila sol - After clouds sunshine
Pinkney - Deus nobis - God with us
Pirie - Deeds not words - Deeds not words
Pitcairn - Plena refulget - The full moon shines
Pitcairn - Spes lucis úternú - The hope of eternal life
Pitcher - Perseverantia et labore - By perseverance and labour
Pitches - Fideliter et recte - Faithfully and uprightly
Pits - God caryth for us - God caryth for us
Pitt - Amitié - Friendship
Pitt - Benigno Numine - By benign providence
Pittenween - Deo duce - God my guide
Player - Servitute clarior - More illustrious by service
Playfair - Sic te non vidimus olim - We did not formerly see thee thus
Pleydell - Imitari quam invidere - To imitate rather than envy
Plumer - Give the thankys that are due - Give the thankys that are due
Plummer - Consulto et audaciter - With prudence and daring
Plumptre - Sufficit meruisse - It is enough to have deserved well
Plunket - Festina lente - Be quick without impetuosity; or, as it may be punningly translated for the Onslow family, ďOn slow.Ē
Plymouth - Je me fie en Dieu - I trust in God
Pocock - Regi regnoque fidelis - Faithful to king and kingdom
Poe - Malo mori quam fúdari - I would rather die than be disgraced
Poer - Per crucem ad coronam - By the cross to a crown
Polden - Clariores e tenebris - Men are brighter from previous obscurity
Pole - Pollet virtus - Virtue excels
Poley - Fortior qui se vincit - He is strongest who conquers himself
Pollen - De tout mon cúur - With all my heart
Pollock - Audacter et strenue - Boldly and earnestly
Pollock - Delectatio - My Delight
Poltimoree - Delectare in Domino - To rejoice in the Lord
Polwarth - Reparabit cornua Phúbe - The moon will replenish her horns
Polwhele - Karanza wheelas karanza - Love worketh love
Pomfret - Hora è sempre - Now and always
Pont - Perenne sub polo nihil - There is nothing permanent under heaven
Ponton - Stand sure - Stand sure
Poole - Pollet virtus - Virtue excels
Poole - Tenax propositi - Firm of purpose
Poore - Pauper non in spe - Not poor in hope
Pope - Mihi tibi - To me and to you
Popham - Mens pristina mansit - The original mind hath remained
Porch - Cordi dat robora virtus - Virtue gives strength to the heart
Portal - Armet nos ultio regum - Let vengeance for princes arm us
Port-Arlington - Vitú via virtus - Virtue is the way of life
Porteous - I wait my time - I wait my time
Porteous - Let the hawk shaw - Let the hawk shaw
Porter - Data fata secutus - Following my destiny
Porter - Vigilantia et virtute - By vigilance and valour
Porterfield - Sub pondere sursum - Beneath my load (I look) upward
Portland - Craignez honte - Fear shame
Portman - A clean heart and cheerful spirit - A clean heart and cheerful spirit
Portman - Avance - Advance
Portman - Make a clean heart and a cheerful spirit - Make a clean heart and a cheerful spirit
Portsmouth - En suivant la vérité - By following truth
Pott - Fortis et astutus - Bold and crafty
Pottinger - Virtus in aruda - Courage against difficulties
Poulett - Gardez la foy - Keep the faith
Pourie - Vespere et mane - In the evening and the morning
Powell - Anima in amicis una - One feeling among friends
Powell - Deus est nobis sol et ensis - God is a sun and sword to us
Powell - Fy nhyín unig - My house alone
Powell - Inter hastas et hostes - Among spears and enemies
Powell - Omne bonum Dei donum - Every good is the gift of God
Powell - Spes mea Christus erit - Christ shall be my hope
Power - Aut vincere aut mori - Victory or death
Power - Per crucem ad coronam - By the cross to a crown
Power - Pro patr - For my country ever
Powerscourt - Fidélité est de Dieu - Fidelity is of God
Powes - Audacter et sincere - Boldly and sincerely
Powis - Fortitudine et prudentiâ - By fortitude and prudence
Pownall - Grace me guide - Grace me guide
Pownall - Officium prústo - I perform my duty
Poyntz - Crainte refrainte - Fear restrained
Poyntz - Impetueux - Impetuous
Poyntz - Tiburon - Tiburon
Pratt - Rident florentia prata - The flowery meadows laugh
Prattman - Labor omnia vincit - Perseverance overcomes all difficulties
Preston - Prústo ut præstem - Prominent that I may excel: or, I promise to perform
Preston - Pristinum spero lumen - I hope for pristine lustre
Preston - Sans tache - Without satin
Preston - Si Dieu Veult - If God wills it
Prestwich - In te, Domine, speravi - In thee, O Lord, have I put my trust
Prevost - Canada - Canada
Prevost - Servatum sincere - Kept faithfully
Prevost - West Indies - West Indies
Price - Auxilium meum a Domino - My help is from the Lord
Price - Dum spiro spero - While I have breath I hope
Price - Gwell marw - Better die
Price - Heb Duw heb ddim - Without God we have nothing
Price - Invigila sic vinces - Watch, so shalt thou conquer
Price - Na fyno Duw na fyd - What God willeth not will not be
Price - Rosam qui meruit ferat - Let him bear the rose who has deserved it
Price - Spes tutissima cúlis - The surest hope is in heaven
Price - Virtus prú numine - Virtue under the presence of the divinity
Price - Vive ut vivas - Live that you may live
Prickett - Auxilium - Aid
Prickett - Fide, sed cui vide - Trust, but in whom take care
Prideaux - Deus providebit - God will provide
Priestly - Respice finem - Regard the end
Prime - Nil invita Minerva - Nothing contrary to oneís genius
Primrose - Fide et fiducia - By fidelity and confidence
Prince - Miseris succurrere - To help the miserable
Prince of Wales - Ich Dien - Ich Dien
Pringle - Coronat fides - Faith crowns all
Pringle - Nosce teipsum - Know thyself
Pringle - Semper spero meliora - I constantly hope for better things
Pringle - Spero et progredior - I hope and proceed
Pringle - Sursum - Upwards
Prinlis - Hope and not rue - Hope and not rue
Prior - Malo mori quam fúdari - I would rather die than be disgraced
Probyn - Manus húc inimica tyrannis - This hand is hostile to tyrants
Proctor - Toujours fidèle - Always faithful
Prodgers - Devouement sans bornes - Devotion without limits
Protheroe - Deus pascit corvos - God feeds the ravens
Provan - Pro patria - For my country
Prudhoe - Esperance en Dieu - Hope in God
Pryce - Avi numerantur avorum - A long train of ancestry is enumerated
Pryme - Animose certavit - He hath striven courageously
Prytherch - Duw a Digon - God is enough, i.e. Deus sufficit
Pudsey - Fortunâ favente - With fortune in my favour
Pugh - Qui invidet minor est - He that envies is inferior
Pugh - Sic itur ad astra - Such is the way to immortality
Pughe - Nid meddyg ond meddyg enaid - No physician but Physician of the soul
Puleston - Clariores e tenebris - Men are brighter from previous obscurity
Pulleine - Nulla pallescere culpa - To turn pale from no crime
Purdie - Fidelitas - Fidelity
Purdon - Pro aris et focis - For our altars and our homes
Purefo - Pura sequi - To follow pure things (or Purefoy) is my delight
Purie - Vespere et mane - In the evening and the morning
Purton - Fructu arbor cognoscitur - The tree is known by itís fruit
Purves - Clarior e tenebris - The brighter from previous obscurity
Purvis - Clarior e tenebris - The brighter from previous obscurity
Purvis - Nec sperno, nec timeo - I neither despise nor fear
Pwys - Parta tueri - Defend your acquisitions
Pye - Cruce glorior - I glory in the cross
Pye - In cruce glorior - I glory in the cross
Pye - Pietatis causa - In the cause of Piety

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