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Passenger Lists - Confidence

CONFIDENCE, of London, two hundred tons, John Gibson, Master. She salled from Southampton the last of April, "by vertue of the Lord Treasurers warrant of the 11th of April, 1638."

WALTER HAYNES 55 linen weaver of Sutton Mansfield, Wilts
Mrs. Elizabeth Haynes
John Haynes
Josias Haynes
Suffrance Haynes
Mary Haynes
John Blandford 27 servant
John Riddet 26 servant
Richard Biddlecombe 16 servant
PETER NOYES 47 of Penton, county Hants, yeoman
Thomas Noyes 15
Elizabeth Noyes
Robert Davis 30 servant
Margaret Davis 26 servant
John Rutter 22 servant
NICHOLAS GUY 50 carpenter of Upton Gray, county Hants
Mrs. Jane Guy 30
Mary Guy
Joseph Taintor 25 servant
Robert Bayley 23 servant
JOHN BENT 35 of Penton, Hants, husbandman
Mrs. Martha Bent
Robert Bent 10
Agnes Bent 8
William Bent 6
Peter Bent 4
John Bent 2
ROGER PORTER 55 of Long Sutton, Hants
Joan Porter
Susan Porter
Mary Porter
Rose Porter
JOHN SANDERS 25 of Langford, Wilts, husbandman
Mrs. Sarah Sanders
John Cole 40
Roger Eastman 15 servant; (may have been 28 based in birth date of April 4, 1610 in Downton, England)
Richard Blake 16 servant
William Cottle 12 servant
Robert King 24 servant
JOHN ROLFE 50 husbandman of Melchitt Park, Wilts.
Mrs. Anne Rolfe
Thomas Whittle 18 servant
JOHN GOODENOWE 42 husbandman of Semley, county Wilts.
Mrs. Jane Goodenowe
Lydia Goodenowe
Jane Goodenowe
EDMUND GOODENOWE 27 husbandman of Donhead, county Wilts.
Mrs. Anne Goodenowe
John Goodenowe 3
Thomas Goodenowe 1
Richard Sanger 18 servant
THOMAS GOODENOWE 30 of Shaftesbury, county ,Dorset
Mrs. Jane Goodenowe
Ursula Goodenowe
Thomas Goodenowe 1
EDMUND KERLEY 22 husbandman of Ashmore, county Dorset
William Kerley husbandman
Edmund Morris of Kington Magna, county Dorset
STEPHEN KENT 27 of Nether Wallop, county Hants
Mrs. Margery Kent 26
George Church 16 servant
Hugh March 20 servant
Anthony Sadler 9 servant
Nicholas Wallington "a poor boy"
Rebecca Kent 16 servant
JOHN STEPHENS 31 of Caversham, county, Oxford, husbandman
Mrs. Elizabeth Stephens
Mrs. Alice Stephens mother
William Stephens 21 of Caversham, county Oxford, husbandman
John Lougie 16 servant
Grace Lougie servant
THOMAS JONES 36 of Caversham, county Oxford, tailor
Mrs. Anne Jones
. . . . . . Jones 8
. . . . . . Jones 6
. . . . . . Jones 4
. . . . . . Jones 2
William Baunsh 24 servant
Jude Donley servant
Mrs. Martha Wilder of Shiplake, county Oxford, spinster
Mary Wilder daughter
Augustine Bearce 20
Martha Keene 60
Elizaheth Keene 13
Martha Keene
Josias Keene
John Keene 17
Sarah Keene
JOHN BENSON 30 of Caversham, county Oxford, husbandman
Mrs. Mary Benson
John Benson 3
Mary Benson 1
WILLIAM ILSLEY 26 of Nether Wallop, county , Hants, shoemaker
Mrs. Barbara Ilsley
Philip Davie 12 servant
JOHN ILSLEY 24 of Nether Wallop, county , Hants, shoemaker
JOSEPH PARKER 24 of Newbury, county Berks, tanner
Mrs. SARAH OSGOOD of Wherwell, county Hants, spinster
Sarah Osgood 9
John Osgood 7
Mary Osgood 5
Elizabeth Osgood 3
William Osgood }children under xj years.
William Jones }children under xj years.
Margery Parke servant
Henry Hangert 40 servant
David Wheeler 11 servant
RICHARD BIDGOOD of Romsey, county Hants, merchant

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