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Passenger Lists - Fly Boat Martha

The fly boat Martha from Hull, England, Thomas Wildbuys or Wildcup, master, cannont be found in the Port Books. According to Smith, she arrived "at the end of summer" 1677, or from the Bucks Arrivals, in 7 month (Sept.) 1677, bringing "114 passengers" for the Yorkshire Tenth, at Burlington, New Jersey. The following are those stated to have been aboard.

John Batts, servant of George Hutchinson
William Black
Joshua Boare of Drainfield, Derbyshire. (His wife followed on the Elizabeth and Sarah.)
Richard Dingworth or Dungworth
Thomas Ellis, servant of George Hutchinson.
William Goforth
Richard Harrison
Thomas Hooten, wrote home shortly after arrival. Staying with Thomas Olive.
MArmaduke Horsman
William Ley
Nathaniel Luke
John Lyman
George Miles
The family of Samuel Odas (Otis)
William Oxley
Thomas Schooley
Edward Season
The family of Robert Stacy
Samuel Taylor, and sister Alice, later married William Black.
William Wood
Thomas Wright. He wrote home to his wife 28 Oct. 1677, having just arrived.

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