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Passenger Lists - Shield

The Shield of Stockton, England, (probably sailed from Hull), Daniel Towers (or Towle or Towes), master, no loadings noted, arrived at Burlington, New Jersey, in Dec. 1677 with the following passengers identified.

NOTE: Persons in parentheses are doubtful, and may be listed later with a different ship.

------- Barnes, a merchant from Hull
Francis Barwick
(Peter Berry or Bury)
John Drewsbury or Dewsbury
Gawen Drummond and servant, Peter Berry or Bury.
William Emley or Emlen, 2nd trip, with wife and two children, one
born at sea; and 4 servants, two men and two women.
Susannah Fairnsworth, children and 2 servants. (Thomas Farnsworth came on the Kent)
John Fretwell
Peter Fretwell
Richard Green
Godfrey Hancock, wife and children and servants
John Heyres
George Hill
John Lambert and servant
Thomas Lambert, wife, children and servants
Robert Murfin, wife, 2 children
Godfrey Newbold
John Newbold
George Parks
James Pharo, wife and children
Thomas Potts, wife, children
Thomas Revel, wife, children, servants
Robert Schooley, wife, children
Mahlon Stacy, wife, children, servants
Richard Tattersall, wife, children
John Wood of Attercliffe psh., Sheffield, Yorks., wife, children:
John, Joseph, Ester, Mary, Sarah
Thomas Wood, wife, children

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