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Passenger Lists - Success

The Success (miscalled Surrey in many records, as Shourd, and in Cushing and Sheppard; and as Surckress in Hinshaw), Stephen Nichols, master, loaded for New Jersey at London from 19 Aug. to 7 Sept. 1678; arrived April 1679, probably having first stopped at Bermuda or in the Carribean. It brought:

NOTE: Persons listed in brackets were servants.

William Biddulph, loaded 27 August.
William Crouch, loaded 19 August.
John Dent, loaded 4 September.
James Dunson, or Dennison, loaded 7 September.
Hugh Hartshorne, loaded 21 August.
[Allise Harvey]
John Hawes, loaded 30 August.
Joseph Jackson, loaded 7 September
Samuel Jackson, loaded 26 August.
Marmaduke Randall, loaded 31 August.
Thomas Woodruff or Woodrofe, of Gloucs., wife Edith, children:
Thomas, Edith, John, Isaac, and Mary born at sea; and servant Allise Harvey.
John Richardson loaded gunpowder on 28 August, but is known to have come over later.
Edward Mann, a London merchant also loaded goods but is known to have remained in London.
The following are those mentioned as having come on the "London
Ship" in Woodward and Hageman (page 10):
Jonathan Eldridge
Abraham Hewlings
William Hewlings
Thomas Kirby
John Petty
From arrival dates and master's name, as stated above, also identified on the Success (on which Cushing, Sheppard and Shourd state that the following came on the Surrey):
Richard Durham
[Thomas Hoaten]
John Maddox, wife Elizabeth, [daughter Elizabeth and her husband
Richard Durham]; and servants: Thomas Oder, Thomas Hoaten, and Mary Stafford.
[Thomas Oder]
[Mary Stafford]
The same references state that Thomas Woodruff and his family came on the Surrey.

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