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Passenger Lists - The Supply

The Supply was the companion ship to the Mayflower. It left 3 weeks late from England and, unlike the Mayflower, it found it's way to Virginia (recorded in Virginia 29th. January 1620).

William Tracy Esqr.
Mary Tracy his wife
Thomas Tracy their son
Joice Tracy their daughter.
Francis Grevell.
Elizabeth Webbe.
Alice Heskins
Isabell Gifford.
Giles Carter.
George Hall
John Baily.
Thomas Baugh.
Gabriel Holland
Richard Holland.
Giles Wilkins
Giles Broadway
Richard Dutton.
Richard Milton.
Joane Coopy.
Antony Coopy.
Elizabeth Coopy.
Philip Vrange
John Page
Roger Linzey.
Arnold Oldsworth Esqr.
Robert Pawlett Diuine.
Thomas Kemys gent
Robert Long gent
John Holmden gent
Richard Ferriby gent
Thomas Sheepy gent
George Keene gent
Nicolas Camme gent
William Finche gent
Margaret his wife
Francis their daughter
John Gibbes
Robert Baker
John Howlett the elder
John Howlett his son
Willia Howlett also his son
Walter Prosser
James Jelfe
Richard Rolles
Jane his wife
Benedict Rolles their son

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