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People - Royality

Kings of England
Alfred the Great, King of England. (849-901)
Athelstan, King of England. (c895-940)
Canute, the Dane, King of England. (c994-1035)
Charles I., King of England. (1600-1649)
Charles II., King of England. (1660-1685)
Edgar, King of England. (944-975)
St.Edmund, King of the East Angles. (?-870)
Edmund I., Edmund the Elder, King of England. (c922-946)
Edmund II., Edmund Ironside, King of England. (c981-1016)
Edred, King of England. (?-955)
Edwy, King of England. (c940-959)
Egbert, King of England. (?-837)
Ethelbert, King of Kent. (c552-616)
Ethelbert, King of England. (?-866)
Ethelred I., King of England (?-871)
Ethelred II., King of England, the Unready. (c968-1016)
Ethelwolf, King of England. (?-857)
Edward the Elder, King of England. (?-925)
Edward the Martyr, King of England. (c962-978)
Edward the Confessor, King of England. (c1005-1066)
Edward I., King of England. (1239-1307)
Edward II., King of England. (1284-1327)
Edward III., King of England. (1312-1377)
Edward IV., King of England. (1441-1483)
Edward V., Prince of Wales, Earl of Ludlow, King of England. (1470-1483)
Edward VI., King of England. (1537-1553)
Edwin, King of Northumbria. (?-638)
George I., Lewis, King of England. (1660-1727)
George II., Augustus, King of England. (1683-1760)
George III., William Frederick, King of England. (1738-1820)
George IV., Augustus Frederick, King of England. (1762-1830)
Hardicanute King of England and Denmark. (1018-1041)
Harold I., Harefoot, King of England. (?-1039)
Harold II., King of England. (c1026-1066)
Henry I., King of England. (1068-1135)
Henry II., King of England. (1133-1189)
Henry III., King of England. (1207-1272)
Henry IV., King of England. (1366-1413)
Henry V., King of England. (1388-1422)
Henry VI., King of England. (1421-1471)
Henry VII., King of England. (1456-1509)
Henry VIII., King of England. (1491-1547)
Ina, King of the West Saxons. (6??-7??)
James I. of England, and VI of Scotland. (1566-1625)
James II., King of England. (1633-1701)
John, King of England. (1166-1216)
Offa, King of Mercia. (?-794)
Oswald, King of Northumbria. (?-642)
Penda, King of Mercia. (c580-655)
Richard I., the Lionheart, King of England. (1157-1199)
Richard II., King of England. (1366-1400)
Richard III., King of England, Duke of Gloucester. (1450-1485)
Stephen, King of England. (c 1096-1154)
William I., the Conqueror, King of England, Duke of Normandy. (1027-1087)
William II., Rufus, King of England. (c1060-1100)
William III., King of England (with Mary) Prince of Orange. (1650-1702)
William IV., King of England. (1765-1837)

Kings of Scots
Alexander I., King of Scots. (?-1124)
Alexander II., King of Scots. (1198-1249)
Alexander III., King of Scots. (1241-1285)
David I., King of Scots. (1084-1153)
David II., King of Scots. (1324-1371)
James I, King of Scots. (1394-1437)
James V, King of Scots. (1512-1542)
John de Baliol, King of Scots. (1249-1315)
Malcolm III, King of Scots. (?-1093)
Robert I., King of Scots. (c1274-1328)
Robert II., King of Scots. (1316-1390)
William, King of Scots. (1143-1214)

Anne, Queen of Great Britain. (1664-1714)
Elizabeth, Queen of England. (1533-1603)
Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia (Queen Consort). (1596-1662)
Lady Jane Grey, Queen of England. (1537-1554)
Mary, Queen of England. (1516-1558)
Mary II., Queen of England. (1662-1694)
Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. (1542-1587)

St. Augustine (or St. Austin), Archbishop of Canterbury
St. Thomas A Becket, archbishop of Canterbury. (1119-1170)
St. Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury.
William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury. (1573-1644/5)
Odo, Arhcbishop of Canterbury. (?-958)
Edmund Rich, Archbishop of Canterbury

Odo, Bishop of Bayeux and Earl of Kent. (c1032-1096)

George Monk, duke of Albemarle. (1608-1670)
George, Duke of Clarence, Lieutenant of Ireland. (1449-1478)
William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland. (1721-1765)
George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham. (1592-1628)
George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham. (1627-1688)
John, Duke of Bedford, Regent of France. (1390-1435)
Charles, the last Duke of Burgundy, Count of Charolais. (1433-1477)
Augustus Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton. (1736-1811)
Thomas, Duke of Gloucester, Lord High Constable of England. (?-1397)
John of Gaunt, Earl of Derby, Duke of Lancaster. (1340-1399)
James, Duke of Monmouth. (1649-1685)
Henry, Duke of Lancaster, Earl of Derby. (?-1362)
John Maitland, Duke of Lauderdale. (1616-1682)
John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, Viscount Lisle, Earl of Warwick. (1502-1553)
Richard, third Duke of York, Regent of France, Lieutenant of Ireland.(?-1460) .

John Stuart; Earl of Bute, English Statesman.
William Pitt, Earl of Chatham; (1708-1778)
John Pitt, Earl of Chatham; &c. (1756-1835)
Richard, Earl of Cornwall, King of the Romans. (1209-1272)
Piers Gaveston, Earl of Cornwall. (?-1312)
Henry Stuart, Earl of Darnley. (1546-1567)
Godwin, Earl of Kent.
Simon de Montfort, 4th Count, Earl of Liecester. (?-1218)
Simon de Montfort, Earl of Liecester. (?-1265)
Roger Mortimer, Earl of March. (1287-1330)
Anthony Woodville, Earl Rivers. (1442-1483)
Sir Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford. (1593-1641)
Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, "The King Maker". (c1428-1471)

Emperors and Empresses
Matilda, or Maud, The Empress. (1098-1165)

Sir John de Baliol (?-1269)
Sir Anthony Cooke, tutor of Edward VI. (1508-1576)
Sir John Cheke, tutor of Edward VI. (1514-1557)
Sir Thomas More, Lord Chancellor of England. (1480-1535)
Sir Walter Raleigh, Statesman and warrior. (1552-1618)
Sir William Wallace, national hero of Scotland. (c1270-1305)

Frederick North, Earl of Guildford, Lord North. (1732-1792)
Sir William Howard, Viscount Stafford. (1612-1680)
Charles Watson Wentworth, Marquis of Rockingham. (1730-1782)
Lord William Russell, Viscount Stafford. (1638-1683)
George Byng, Admiral and first Viscount Torrington. (1668-1733)

Eminent Men
Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England. (1599-1658)
George Grenville, English Statesman. (1712-1770)
John Hampden, Statesman. (1594-1643)
Algernon Sidney, English Republican. (1620-1683)
Charles Edward Stuart, The Young Pretender. (1721-1788)
James Francis Edward Stuart, The Old Pretender. (1688-1765)
Edward Vernon, British Admiral. (1684-1757)
Wat Tyler, insurrection leader. (?-1381)
John Wickliffe, the 'Morning Star of the Reformation,' (1324-1384)

Gregory I. "the Great", Pope. (c544-604)
Gregory IX., Pope Ugolino. (?-1241)

Edgar Atheling, or Prince Edgar. (105?-11??)
Edward, Prince of Wales, the Black Prince. (1330-1376)
George, Prince of Denmark. (1653-1708)
Prince Rupert, or Robert, Prince of Bavaria. (1619-1682)

Queens of Kings
Anne of Cleves, wife of Henry VIII. (1515-1557)
Anne Boleyn, Queen of Henry VIII. (1507-1536)
Catherine of Aragon, Queen of Henry VIII. (1483-1536)
Catherine Parr, Queen of Henry VIII. (1512-1548)
Elizabeth Grey, Queen of Edward IV. (?-1402)
Henrietta Maria, Queen of Charles I. (1609-1669)
Margaret of Anjou, Queen of Henry VI. (c1425-1482)
Matilda, Queen William the Conqueror. (?-1083)

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