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Passenger Lists - The Mayflower

Between 1620 and 1630 a "Mayflower," or "Mayflowers," crossed the seas three times. One in 1620 carried the Pilgrim Fathers to New Plymouth; one in 1629 carried Higginson's party to Salem; and one in 1630 carried Winthrop's party to Charlestown. It has generally been assumed that these three voyages were made by the same ship; but the strong probability is that the voyages of 1629 and 1630 were not made by the ship that sailed in 1620." According to Bowman the name Mayflower for ships was uncommonly common, with numerous ships of that name trading from numerous ports abroad.

Alden, John Born about 1599. Died at Duxbury, 12 September, 1687. He married, at Plymouth, before 1624, Priscilla Mullins (WILLIAM1) Ten children. Numerous descendants.

Allerton, Isaac Isaac Allerton was born about 1586. He died at New Haven, Conn., before 22 February, 1659. He married, first, at Leiden, 4 November, 1611, MARY NORRIS. He married, second, at Plymouth, between July, 1623, and 1 June, 1627, Fear2 Brewster (WILLIAM1), who died at presumably at Plymouth in 1634. He married, third, before 1644, Joanna Swinnerton, who survived him.

Allerton, Mary (Norris), wife, died at Plymouth, 7 March, 1621

Allerton, Bartholomew, son., Born about 1612/13. Born at Leiden. He returned to England, married and had children there, and was living in 1650.

Allerton, Mary, daughter. Born at Leiden abt. 1617. Died at Plymouth, MA, 28 November 1699, . She married, at Plymouth, about 1636, Thomas Cushman, who was born in February, 1608, and died at Plymouth, 22 December 1691.

Allerton, Remember, daughter Born about 1615, m. by 6 May 1635 Moses Maverick

Allerton, John Seaman on the Mayflower. Not known to be related to ISAAC. Died at Plymouth, between 11 January and 10 April, 1621. No known issue.

Billington, John Hanged at Plymouth, in September, 1630. He married by about 1607 ELEANOR—

Billington, Eleanor, wife. Died after 12 March, 1643. She had married, second, at Plymouth, in September, 1638, Gregory Armstrong, who died at Plymouth, 15 November, 1650.

Billington, John son, b. say 1604, d.Plymouth between 22 May, 1627 and September 1630, unmarried.

Billington, Francis son, b. about 1606; married Plymouth, July, 1634 Christian (Penn) Eaton, widow of Francis Eaton. He died December 1684, Middleboro, MA.

Bradford, William Bp. Austerfield, Yorkshire, 19 March, 1589/90., son of William and Alice (Hanson) Bradford. Died at Plymouth, May 9, 1657. He married, first, in Amsterdam, Holland, 10 December, 1613, DOROTHY MAY, . He married, second, at Plymouth, 24 August, 1623, Alice (Carpenter) Southworth (widow of Edward Southworth). 3 Children, William, Mercy, Joseph. She died Plymouth, 26, March 1670.

Bradford, Dorothy (May) wife She was born about 1597, and was accidentally drowned at Cape Cod Harbor, December, 1620. One child, John. m. Martha Bourne

Brewster, William Born in 1566 or 1567, prob. Scrooby, Nottinghamshire, son of William Brewster. Died at Duxbury, 10 April, 1644. He married, before 1593, MARY, surname unknown despite extensive research to date.

Brewster, Mary, wife Died at Plymouth, 17 April, 1627. Surname unknown.

Brewster, Love, son B. about 1607-11. Died at Duxbury, late 1650 or early 1651. He married at Plymouth 15 May, 1634, Sarah2 Collier (William1)

Brewster, Wrestling, son Died, unmarried, between after 1627 and before 1651

Britteridge, Richard Bradford, as quoted by Prince says, "Dec 21 [1620], dies Richard Britteridge, the first who dies in this harbour." Single, among the signers of the Mayflower Compact.

Browne, Peter Born by about 1600. Died at Plymouth, 1633. He married, first, at Plymouth, by 1626, Martha (—) Ford, who died at Plymouth, 1630 or 1631. Children Mary and Priscilla. He married, second, Mary _____ by 1631. Children: Rebecca, child -- name unknown, d. by 1647 Mary was also prob. dead by 1647as one of her daughters sells land without reference to widow's dower rights.

Button, William A youth, servant to Samuel Fuller who died as "they drew near the coast."

Carter, Robert Servant of William Mullens. "died the first winter." (Bradford)

Carver, John Governor at Plymouth until his sudden death in April, 1621. Born by about 1580-85. By 1609 was married to

Catherine (White) Leggatt, daughter of Alexander White.

Carver, Katherine (Leggett)(White), wife She died Plymouth about five or six weeks after her husband. No known surviving children. Two possible unknown children buried Leiden.

Chilton, James Tailor. Born about 1556 probably at Canterbury, son of Lionel Chilton. Married by 1586. Died on the Mayflower, at Cape Cod Harbor, about 8 December, 1620. Another daughter Isabella came later and married Roger Chandler.

Chilton, Mrs. wife His wife died early in 1621, after 11 January. Neither her maiden nor surname are known..

Chilton, Mary daughter Baptised St. Peters's, Sandwich, May 1607. Died at Boston, shortly before 1 May, 1679. She married, at Plymouth, by 1 June, 1627, John Winslow, who was bp. at Droitwich, England, 18 April, 1597, son of Edward and Magdalen (Oliver) Winslow.

Clarke, Richard Died soon after arrival in the general sickness. Among the signers of the Mayflower Compact.

Cooke, Francis Born in or shortly after 1583, died Plymouth 7 April 1663. Married in Leiden 1603, Hester Mahieu, who followed later. Other children include a child buried in Leiden, unknown; Jane, Elizabeth, Jacob, Hester and Mary.

Cooke, John son Bp. Leiden 1607. Died at Dartmouth 23 November 1695. He married, at Plymouth, 28 March 1634, Sarah2 Warren (RICHARD1).

Cooper, Humility Born about 1619, and no more than about a year old when she sailed on the Mayflower and was included in the Edward Tilley family, along with Henry Sampson as "cousins." By 1651, she was sent "for into" England and according to Bradford, "died there." Unmarried.

Crackstone, John Died in the first mortality at Plymouth, between 11 January and 10 April, 1621. Married by about 1600, wife unknown, and probably dead by 1620 and perhaps considerably earlier. A child Anna was married in Leiden. He was among the signers of the Mayflower Compact.

Crackstone, John son Came with his father in 1620 and died at Plymouth about 1627, "having lost himself in the woods; his feet became frozen, which put him into a fever of which he died." [Bradford 442,445]

Doty, Edward Planter, born by about 1599 and a servant upon his arrival. Died at Plymouth, 23 August, 1655. First wife, unknown. He married, second, at Plymouth, January, 1634/1635, Faith2 Clark (Thurston1), who was buried at Marshfield, 21 December, 1675. She had married, second, John Phillips. Nine children by his second wife, Faith.

Eaton, Francis Carpenter, born by about 1595/6 based on the birth of first child. and a baptismal record in Bristol, Gloucester, England. Died Plymouth late 1633. Married by 1620, Sarah ______, who came on the Mayflower and died early in 1621. Married second, about 1622, unidentified wife (thought to be the unnamed servant of John Carver). She died a year or two after. Married third, Christian Penn, passenger on the Anne, who married second Francis Billington, son of John Billington. Children by Eaton and Christian were Rachel, Benjamin, child, unnamed, an "idiot" living 1651.

Eaton, Sarah wife Died soon after arrival

Eaton, Samuel son Came as an infant. Born late 1619/20, m. by 1646, Elizabeth ____, who died after 1652 and before 1661. He married second, Martha Billington, his stepsister, January 1660/1.
English, Thomas Hired to "go master of a shallop." [Bradford] Died during the winter of 1620/1.Probably a young, unmarried man.

Fletcher, Moses Smith, born by about 1565. Died at Plymouth, early 1621 during the first winter. He married, first, in Maria (Mary) Evans, who died late 1613. He married, second, at Leiden, 21 December, 1613, Sarah (—) Dingby, widow of William. There is no further record of her. He had ten children by his first wife, but, according to Bradford, "left no posterity here."

Fuller, Edward Died during the first winter. Bp. Redenhall, Norfolk, September 1575, son of Robert Fuller. Married, unknown, by about 1605. A son Matthew born about 1605 was not among those names included in the voyage, but married by about 1630 Francis ______, possibly in England. Matthew died 1678, Barnstable, MA. Edward was brother of Dr. Samuel Fuller.

Fuller, Mrs. ____ wife Maiden and Surname is unknown. Died during the first winter.

Fuller, Samuel son Born about 1608, married April 1635 Jane Lothrop, daughter of Rev. John Lothrop.

Fuller, Samuel (Dr) Bp. Redenhall, Norfolk, January 1580, son of Robert Fuller. Married first, Alice Glascock, who died by 1613. Married second, Agnes Carpenter in Leiden, April 1613. She died by 1617. He married third, Bridget Lee, Leiden, May 27, 1617. Children by Bridget, include possible Bridget, born 1619; Mercy, b. after May 22, 1627, but no further record; and Samuel born about 1629. Dr. Fuller died between 9 August and 26 September, 1633, Plymouth.

Gardinar, Richard According to William Bradford, Richard became a seaman and died in England or at Sea. Died after 1623 as he was granted land in the Plymouth land division. He was among the signers of the Mayflower Compact. No known wife or children.

Goodman, John John is listed by Bradford as one of seven men who died soon after their arrival in the general sickness, however he (or perhaps someone in his behalf) was awarded land in the Plymouth land division. He was dead, however, by 1627 as he is not in the Cattle division of that year. No known descendants.

Holbeck, William Servant to William White and died soon after landing.

Hooke, John Died at Plymouth, early in 1621. A servant boy to Isaac Allerton.

Hopkins, Stephen Tanner and Mercant. Born by about 1582. Died at Plymouth, between 6 June and 17 July, 1644. Married by about 1604-7 to first wife, Mary, who was buried at Hursley, Hampshire, England in May, 1613. They had three children Elizabeth, Constance, Giles. He married second in London, February 1617/8 Elizabeth Fisher, who predeceased her husband.

Hopkins, Elizabeth (Fisher) wife Died at Plymouth in the early 1640's

Hopkins, Giles son by first marriage Bp. 30 January 1607/8, Hursley, Hampshire, England. Died at Eastham, between 5 March 1688/9 and 16 April 1690, Eastham, MA. He married, 9 October, 1639, Katharine Wheldon

Hopkins, Constance, daughter by first marriage Bp. 11 May 1606, Hursley, Hampshire, England. Married Plymouth by 1627 Nicholas Snow.

Hopkins, Damaris, daughter Born about 1618, died probably before the birth of her sister in about 1628 of the same name

Hopkins, Oceanus, son Born at sea aboard the Mayflower, died by 1627.

Howland, John Of Fenstanton, Huntingdonshire, son of Henry and Margaret ____ Howland. Born about 1592/3-9. Died at Plymouth, 23 February, 1672/3. He married, at Plymouth, before 1624/5, ELIZABETH2 TILLEY (JOHN1), who was born about 1607, and died at Swansea, 22 December, 1687, aged eighty. Ten children. Characterized by Bradford as a "lusty young man" and manservant to John Carver. He was nearly swept to his death during a severe storm on the passage.

Langmore, John Servant to Christopher Martin. Died during the first sickness.

Latham, William Servant to John Carver and after twenty years stay, according to Bradford went to England and from there to the Bahamas where he and others starved for want of food. There is no record of a marriage or children during his stay in the colony.

Leister, Edward Servant to Stephen Hopkins. According to Bradford, after his liberty, he went to Virginia, and there died. No known descendants.

Margesson, Edmund Died soon after arrival. No known descendants.

Martin, Christopher Of Great Burstead, Essex, merchant. Birth by about 1582, died Plymouth, January 8, 1620/1. Married Great Burstead, Essex 26 February, 1606/7 Mary ______ Prower, widow of _____ Prower. Child, Nathaniel, apparently alive in Great Burstead in 1620, no further record.

Martin, Mary (Prower), wife Died during the first winter

Minter, Desire Came in the household of John Carver. Bradford says "Desire Minter returned to her friend and proved not very well and died in England. No known husband or children.

More, Ellen, . "A litle girle." Sister of JASPER. Died at Plymouth, early in 1621, after 11 January. These four children were the children of Samuel More, of Royal descent and his wife, a first cousin, Catherine, but discovered by Samuel to be the illegitimate children of his wife's lover. After a difficult divorce, Samuel put them in the care of John Carver and Robert Cushman who were to maintain them for seven years and provide them with fifty acres of land. Sadly, only Richard More survived. Ellen was put to the family of Edward Winslow. See New England Historical Register, 114:163-68, 124:86-87 for an account of this family by Sir Anthony Richard Wagner.
More, Jasper, brother "A litle boy." Died on the Mayflower, at Cape Cod Harbor, 16 December, 1620. He was put to the Carver family

More, Richard, brother Of Shipton, Shropshire, bp. 13 November 1614, Shipton, Shropshire, England. He was reputedly the illegitimate child of Jacob Blakeway and Katherine (More) wife of Samuel More. He was the only surviving Mayflower More child. He died Salem between 19 March, 1693/4 and April 20, 1696. He married, Plymouth, October, 1636 Christian Hunter who died in Salem, March 18, 1676. He married second, Jane ____ Crumpton, widow of Samuel Crumpton. He had seven children by his first wife.

More, Mary, sister Died at Plymouth, early in 1621, after 11 January. Bradford calls this child brother to Richard, but it is felt he may have erred as court records for Samuel and Catherine specifically name the children and include Mary. In any event the child did not survive the first winter.

Mullins, William Shoemaker of Dorking, Surrey. Born about 1568. Died Plymouth, February 21, 1620/1 He married by 1593 Alice _____. They had four children: William who married twice in England and in Boston, one daughter who married three times, but died without issue; Joseph who died early; Sarah, who married by 1622, _____ Blunden; and Priscilla who marrried John Alden. Bradford notes that only the two children Priscilla and Joseph accompanied them on the Mayflower. William Mullins made out his death-bed will on 21 February 1620/1, in which he mentions his wife Alice, daughter Priscilla, son Joseph, and married children William and Sarah who were still in Dorking at the time.

Mullins, Alice, wife. Died early in 1621, after 2 April.

Mullins, Priscilla daughter. Born about 1603. Married John Alden by about 1623.

Mullins, Joseph son Born about 1596. Died at Plymouth, early in 1621, after 2 April.

Priest, Degory Born about 1579. Died at Plymouth, 1 January, 1620/1. He married, at Leiden, 4 November, 1611, Sarah (Allerton) Vincent (the widow of John Vincent). She was sister to Isaac Allerton and came afterward with two children Mary, who m. Phineas Pratt and Sarah, who m. John Coombs.

Prower, Solomon Died at Plymouth during the first winter. As he came with the family of Chistopher and Mary Prower Martin, it has been speculated that he was related to her in some way, perhaps a son by a former marriage or a nephew. No known descendants.

Rigsdale, John Died during the first winter

Rigsdale, Alice, wife Died during the first winter

Rogers, Thomas Birth by about 1572, son of William and Eleanor (____) Rogers of Watford, Northamptonshire. He died in Plymouth, soon after arrival, although his son Joseph, the only of his children to come with him, survived. Bradford notes that "his other children came afterwards," but of those only John Rogers is known to have arrived. Thomas married 24 October 1597, Watford, Northamptonshire, Alice Cosford, daughter of George Cosford. A 1622 Poll Tax for Leiden, Holland shows the surviving widow and children living there in 1622. Children (all bp. Watford, Northamptonshire): Thomas, died as infant; poss. Richard, died as infant; Joseph, see below; John, bp. 6 April 1606, m. Plymouth, 16 April 1639, Anna Churchman; Elizabeth, bp 26 December 1609, living in Leiden, 1622, no further record; Margaret, bp. 30 May 1613, living at Leiden 1622, no further record.

Rogers, Joseph son Bp. 23 January 1602/3. Married by 1633 Hanah _____ who is mentioned in his will of 2 January 1677/8. It is not certain that she was his only wife, nor the mother of his children. He died Eastham after January 2, 1677/8 (will) and before Jan. 15, 1677/8 when Joseph's inventory was taken. Buried there in the Old Cove Burial Ground. Children: Sarah, died as infant; Joseph, prob. born Duxbury 19 July, 1635, m. Eastham 4 April 1660, Susanna Deane, dau. of Stephen and Elizabeth (Ring) Deane, no known children; Thomas b. prob Duxbury 29 March 1638, m. Eastham, 13 December 1665, Elizabeth Snow; Elizabeth, b. prob. Duxbury, 29 Sept 1639, m. Eastham 9 January 1660, Jonathan Higgins; John, b. prob. Duxbury, 3 April 1642, m. Eastham 19 Aug 1669 Elizabeth Twining; Mary, b. prob Duxbury, 22 Sept 1644, m. Barnstable aft. 19 April 1718, John Phinney; James, b. Eastham 18 Oct. 1648, m. Eastham 11 Jan 1670, Mary Paine; Hannah, b. Sandwich or Eastham 8 Aug 1652, m. aft. 16 July 1679 Jonathan Higgens.

Samson, Henry Bp. Henlow, Bedfordshire, 15 Jan 1603/4, son of James and Martha (Cooper) Samson, died Duxbury bet 24 Dec 1684 (will) and 5 March 1684/5 (probate). Married, Plymouth, 6 Feb 1635/6 Anne Plummer. Children: Stephen, John, Elizabeth, James, Hannah, Daughter (unknown given name), Mary, Dorcas, Caleb.

Soule, George Died at Duxbury, bet 20 Sept 1677 when he made a codicil to his will and 22 January 1679/80 when his inventory was taken.. He married at Plymouth, before 1627 when she is included in the Plymouth division of cattle, Mary Buckett, who died at Duxbury about December, 1672. Her surname is a deduction of writers by way of the argument that she was the only available Mary in Plymouth at that time.[TGM 3:1706]

Standish, Myles was born about 1584-93 and died 3 Oct 1656 Duxbury. He married 1st Rose ____, who died early in 1620/1. He m. 2nd Barbara ______ who d. after 6 Oct 1659. Seven children

Standish, Rose wife Died early in 1620/1

Story, Elias, servant to John Winslow, died soon after arrival

Thompson, Edward, servant to William White, died soon after landing

Tilley, Edward, of Henlow, Bedfordshire, England, was bp. there 27 May, 1588 as Edmond, son of Robert and Elizabeth (_____) Tilley. TGM 3:1819 citing TAG 52:203. In Bradford's Passenger List he includes Edward Tillie, and Ann his wife. Both died soon after arrival.

Tilley, Ann, wife Died soon after arrival

Tilley, John, brother to Edward was bp. Henlow, Bedfordshire, England, 19 Dec 1571. He m. in Henlow 20 Sept 1596 Joan (Hurst) Rogers. She had married 1st Thomas Rogers. Of five children: Rose, John, Rose again, Robert and Elizabeth, only Elizabeth who is known to have descendants. Of the others there is no further record.

Tilley, Joan (Hurst)(Rogers), wife Died soon after arrival

Tilley, Elizabeth, daughter, bp. Henlow, Bedfordshire, England, 30 Aug 1607. She m. about 1625 John Howland. See Howland.

Tinker, Thomas Died in the first sickness

Tinker, Mrs. Thomas, wife Died in the first sickness

Tinker, ----- son Died in the first sickness

Turner, John Died in the first sickness. His wife's name is unknown and she did not come over. A daughter Elizabeth, who remains a mystery, was, according to Bradford [443] living in Salem, coming some years after. Thus she was alive in 1650/1 at the writing of Bradford's list.

Turner, ---- son Died in the first sickness

Turner, ---- son Died in the first sickness

Warren, Richard died Plymouth, 1628. He m. by about 1609, Elizabeth _____. She d. Plymouth in October 1673. Bradford says "mr Richard Warren, but his wife and children were lefte behind and came
afterwards." Seven children

White, William Died soon after arrival at Plymouth. He. m. about 1615 Susanna ______. Two children from her marriage to

William White. Their second son Peregrine was born 4 December 20 aboard the Mayflower and m. Sarah Bassett, dau. of

William Bassett

Susanna White, wife, She married 2nd Plymouth 12 May 1621 Edward Winslow.

Resolved White, son b. abt 1615, m. Scituate 8 April 1640, Judith Vassall, dau. of William Vassall.

Wilder, Roger A servant to John Carver who died early. No known issue. Bradford says: "mr Carver and his wife, dyed the first year, he in ye spring, she in ye somer; also his man Roger . . ."

Williams, Thomas Among the signers of the Mayflower Compact. Died soon after arrival in the general sickness.

Winslow, Edward, bp. Droitwich, Worcestershire, England 20 October 1595, son of Edward and Magdalen (Oliver)

Winslow. Died at sea 8 May 1655. He married second (Sus)anna (?Fuller) Winslow 12 May, 1621

Winslow, Elizabeth (Barker), wife, m. at Leiden Edward Winslow, died Plymouth, 24 March 1620/1

Winslow, Gilbert Brother to Edward, bp. Droitwich, Worcestershire, England, 29 Oct 1600. There is no marriage nor any children recorded for Gilbert. Bradford says: "Gilbert Winslow after diverse years aboad here, returned into England and dyed ther."

Unnamed maidservant of John Carver Bradford's Passenger List: mr John Carver. Kathrine his wife. Desire Minter; & 2 man-servants John Howland Roger Wilder. William Latham, a boy& a maid servant. & a child yt was put to him called, Jasper More. She is deduced by some to be the second, unnamed wife of Francis Eaton.

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